Multiple Cars Hit Me. What Do I Do?



Plaintiff was stopped for traffic in her four door sedan. Plaintiff was facing westbound in the number one lane on the highway. Defendant driving his car behind Plaintiff’s vehicle. Defendant was driving her car also behind Plaintiff’s vehicle. As a result of the collision between plaintiff and Defendant, Defendant rear-ended Plaintiff’s vehicle. The Los Angeles Police Department investigated said accident and reported that both defendants admitted that they were moving at the time of the collision, whereas Plaintiff was stopped at the time of the collision.

imposed by law


Each defendant blames the other for causing this accident. Plaintiff felt only one rear-end impact.


Plaintiff suffered trauma to her head, neck and low-back, as well as tingling in the arms and fingers and dizziness as a result of this rear-end collision. Following the accident she sought treatment from an M.D., and his diagnostic impressions were: 1) post-traumatic cerebral syndrome, 2) post-traumatic cervical musculoligamentous sprain and, 3) post-traumatic lumbosacral musculoligamentous sprain. Based on said diagnoses, Plaintiff received physical therapy. Currently, plaintiff still has neck pain radiating to her arm, hand, and fingers as well as tingling of her right fingers dizziness. Future medical treatment will be sought from a Neurologist.

car collision fleeing scene



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“He Fled After Hitting My Vehicle”



Plaintiff was traveling eastbound on Wilshire in his  pickup truck. His daughter, Plaintiff  number 2, was a passenger in the vehicle. As plaintiff was passing, he was struck at the front right portion of his vehicle by defendant’s vehicle when defendant’s vehicle attempted to make a U-turn in front of plaintiff’s vehicle, per witness reports. Defendant is the registered owner of the car that struck Plaintiffs’ vehicle. Two independent witness statements, one taken by the officer at the scene of the collision, and the other taken a few days later, confirm the aforementioned events.car_accident fleeing scene

After the collision, defendant fled the scene. One of the witnesses followed defendant and pointed her out to police. In the police report, the investigating officer put defendant at fault for this collision, stating that defendant went through the red light. Defendants vehicle was impounded.

Defendants contend that plaintiff changed  lanes into the right lane which caused this accident. This claim has no merit, though, as plaintiff would have no reason to change lanes.

Moreover, defendants are clearly dishonest. In the “hit and run” police report follow up, first, one defendant claimed to be the driver and defendant number 2 claimed to be the owner. An individual – who was not involved in the accident claimed she was the victim of a hit and run accident which is clearly false. Later, that individual changed her story and said that defendant number 2 was the driver. In another statement, defendant number 2 admitted being the driver and claimed that he/she stayed at the scene of the accident and the other driver fled the scene. This again is clearly false, from independent witness reports.

Both Plaintiffs sustained injuries as a result of this collision.

car collision fleeing scene



Plaintiff still has constant left knee pain radiating to his hip. Due to the ongoing knee pain, and plaintiff’s use of a cane, his left hip has been damaged. Plaintiff is currently scheduled for a total hip replacement. Prior to this accident plaintiff was a healthy individual without any major complaints. He held a gym membership and worked out regularly. Since the accident, virtually all of plaintiff’s daily activities have been affected. Plaintiff’s life has dramatically taken a turn for the worse due to this accident.


Plaintiff acknowledges that he had prior intermittent pain to his knee. The pain would only act up when the weather changed. The pain would only last a few minutes. The pain that plaintiff  experiences now, is in no way comparable to the pain he had prior to the accident. Moreover, plaintiff’s MRI shows a meniscul tear that he never had as a result of his prior injuries.

As indicated, plaintiff number 2 also had a nasal surgery. However, her nose was in the process of healing when this accident occurs. The accident caused a new bone displacement as indicated in a letter by her doctor, her nasal surgeon.


This case was settled out of court, and the client got the money they deserved!

Ari Friedman
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How To Find The Best Accident Attorney In Los Angeles?

Personal injury lawyer Los Angeles ca

        Accident lawyer ca

If you have an accident injury case, it is important that you hire the best lawyer trained in accident laws to represent you. If you are a resident of Los Angeles, then it is important that you get the assistance of the best personal injury lawyer Los Angeles CA. This is not a tedious task considering you have more than 160,000 lawyers registered in the California State Bar.

You have two options to choose from. One is to get the help of a reputed law firm or to go with a lawyer who does private practice. Keep in mind that the major factor to consider is the expertise of the lawyer in accident laws. While choosing a personal injury lawyer Los Angeles CA, it is important that you verify his membership in the California State Bar.

If possible, obtain the details of his previous cases that are similar to yours and check their outcome. Do a small research and sort out the best three or four law firms. You can get the help of your friends or relatives if they have dealt with a similar case before and know the accident lawyers in LA.

Do not fall for the advertisements that some law firms give, as they would definitely not contain their limitations. In addition to that, do not encourage the lawyers who approach you offering assistance. If such incidents occur, report it to the State Bar as it is a clear violation of the legal ethics.

Legal ethics

          Personal injury attorney

A simple and effective way to find out the best personal injury lawyer Los Angeles CA is to get the help from California State Bar Certified Lawyer Referral Services. You can get the contact details from the State Bar website. With the referral services, you can be sure that you get the experts in accident cases and that they have misconduct insurance.

Also, check with your friends and relatives and take their suggestions. If you are in short of money and you cannot pay the fee, then get the assistance of legal agencies that offer you free legal help.

Now, before you choose the personal injury lawyer Los Angeles CA, make sure that you have a good bond with the lawyer, that the lawyer is an expert in personal injury laws and has sufficient experience in the field. Also ensure that they know each and every detail of your case and check whether he has demanded a reasonable fee structure.

Negligence Law Explained

Negligence legal definition

Definition of negligence

Negligence is one of the main reasons for many accidents occurring. For example, if a driver was to talk on his mobile phone while driving a car, it is only natural that he loses his concentration on the road. These simple acts might result in big accidents, which could be avoided if the driver or the person who was negligent had been concentrating a bit more.

In legal terms, negligence has a wider meaning. The negligence legal definition is easy to understand, and is fully explained in this article. It is important to note that, in legal terms, every person is responsible for the injury to the person or property of another, caused by his or her negligence.

So, how is it possible to classify the actions of an individual as negligent? Although in most cases, the action of an individual determines whether he or she was negligent, but in certain cases, the lack of action on the part of that individual might also constitute negligence. It is therefore, not easy to provide a general description for the act of negligence. What act constitutes an act of negligence can only be determined by taking into account the circumstances. This will depend on the facts that are associated with each individual case.

Different types of negligence cases

Some acts are considered as inherently negligent. These are the acts that do not need any proof or evidence to prove that they were known for or intended. An example for such an act is when a doctor places a piece of sponge inside a patient, and this act is considered as inherently negligent. There are some other instances where negligence is defined by statute. In such cases, negligence is determined by failure to comply with the statutory requirements.

imposed by law

legal definitions

Another way to classify the acts of negligence is by classifying them into passive negligence, and active negligence. Passive negligence is the mere reluctance to act or to perform a duty imposed by law whereas, active negligence involves those acts that are performed with the full knowledge that the person is being negligent. It also refers to those acts, where a person fails to perform a duty, which he or she has agreed to perform.

These are some important details regarding negligent acts. For a student of law, it is important to study the negligence legal definition in its entirety.

Essential Qualifications And Salary For A Personal Injury Lawyer

personal injury lawyer orange county

find personal injury lawyer

Personal injury lawyers back you in obtaining claims from your medical insurer or other third parties in the event of an injury to you due to someone else’s fault. A personal injury lawyer focuses on tort laws. They would have in depth knowledge on various law points related to accident claims and other cases in which one is injured. It does not matter in which County you are; you can always find a personal injury lawyer to get your claims.

You can find a personal injury lawyer Orange County in your County by a simple online search, like ‘personal injury lawyer Orange County’. In this article, we will find the career prospects of a personal injury lawyer and steps to become one.

Essential Qualifications

There is no difference in educational qualifications between a personal injury attorney and a normal attorney. The first step is to obtain an undergraduate degree. You can opt for any degree programs before you join a law school. Soon after the completion of the degree program, search for the best law schools in the country and file applications.

Most schools offer a three-year degree program in law. Once you complete the law program, it is mandatory that you succeed in the bar examination of your state or the state in which you desire to practice. Remember that obtaining these degree certificates will not suffice to become a successful personal injury lawyer. It would be a good idea to do an internship at any reputed firm before you start practicing independently.

best law schools

lawyers in orange county

Average salary of a personal injury lawyer

The average salary of a personal injury attorney depends on several factors. Location is one among them. If you are practicing in a State with lower cost of living, you are likely to get a comparatively low salary. It is estimated that the average salary of personal injury attorney in Florida is between $53,151 and $95,690. Note that, the cost of living in Florida is much less. When it comes to other states, where the cost of living are more, for example, in California, this average salary is at a much higher level, that is, between $68,735 and $121,818.

The difference in salaries varies between different Counties. For example, a personal injury lawyer Orange County may have a higher salary when compared with a personal injury lawyer Alabama County. In addition, there are variations in salaries depending on which level you work. If you work in the Federal level, you are likely to get more salary when compared with the State level.

Hiring A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Get a good Compensation lawyer

     Hire a Compensation lawyer

An employer paying up the compensation claim of a worker without any sort of objection is a rarity. In the event of an accident, an employer is liable to pay off the compensation to the workers who had to suffer the injuries. In most of the cases, the employers will not be willing to pay off the entire sum that the workers request as compensation. This might lead to a difference of opinion between the worker and the employer, and a court might be required to intervene to find a solution. In such scenarios, it is important to have a competent lawyer by your side. Not any lawyer will suffice; it is imperative that you get a workers’ compensation lawyer, who is experienced in these types of cases. Here are some simple tips, which will help you in finding the best workers compensation attorney Los Angeles can offer.

Tips to follow

It is imperative that the lawyer you are hiring is a competitive and highly experienced professional. Find out the results of the cases that he or she has been dealing with, and although past good results does not guarantee similar ones in the future, having a confident attorney will improve your chances of winning the case.

You should have sufficient knowledge about the professional background of the attorney you are hiring. The amount of compensation claims that he or she has handled over the years, is a strong indicator of the attorney’s experience in this field of work.

Attorneys in Los Angeles

     compensation attorneys in Los Angeles

Make sure that the attorney that you are hiring is someone with whom you can communicate freely. He or she should also be adept at making good decisions and finding the best possible solutions to a difficult situation.

An important part of selecting an attorney is of course the fees you would have to pay him. It is common practice for the attorneys to charge a percent of the compensation that the clients receive. Most states have an upper limit on the amount of fee that an attorney can recover in cases where the clients receive compensations.

These are some tips that will help you in hiring a workers compensation attorney Los Angeles. Having a competitive attorney by your side will be a massive boost for you, as it will definitely improve your chances of recovering the money that you are owed.

Common Causes For Wrongful Death

Wrongful death attorney Los Angeles, Wrongful deaths

Wrongful death attorney in Los Angeles

A wrongful death cannot only be emotionally upsetting, but if the deceased was the sole breadwinner of the family, then it can be financially debilitating as well. In such cases, seek the services of a wrongful death attorney Los Angeles who can help you recover compensation for all the damages suffered.  The article that continues explains in brief some of the most common causes for wrongful death in Los Angeles.

Medical negligence

Medical negligence is one of the most common reasons responsible for wrongful death. In such a case, a doctor or a medical professional who was in charge of the patient should have acted in a negligent manner, which resulted in the death of the patient. This can be either be because the doctor diagnosed a serious condition wrongly or because he prescribed an inappropriate medicine or it can also be because of grave surgical errors. In case of wrongful death due to medical negligence, the victim’s family should prove that the doctor or health professional had prior knowledge of the requisite medical actions to be taken and failed to make use of it.


Car accidents are yet another common cause for wrongful death. An accident can be said to have responsible for a wrongful death if the driver was drunk, if he had been driving under the influence of any drugs, or if the accident and death that resulted was obviously due to negligence on his part. Here a wrongful death attorney Los Angeles should prove that the driver’s actions were negligent beyond any doubt.


Wrongful death attorney Los Angeles, Wrongful deaths

Wrongful death lawyers

Wrongful deaths at the workplace are also common. Here, an employer can be charged with wrongful death if it can be proven that he/she did not take the requisite safety measures appropriate for the work and the lack of which resulted in the victim’s accident and death. Wrongful deaths are more prevalent in construction sites, offshore oilrigs and jobs that employ dangerous chemicals.

Product related

Product related wrongful death could be when an individual who used the product properly was found dead because to it. An example of this would be an automotive manufacturer who in spite of prior knowledge that the brakes were faulty on his latest line of cars fails to warn his customers. Any deaths as a result can be termed a wrongful death and the manufacturer is responsible for covering all the damages.

If a loved one or a friend has been victim to wrongful death, then avail the services of a competent wrongful death attorney Los Angeles who can represent you in court.

Determining Punitive Damages

What are punitive damages

Punitive damages explanation

Punitive damages are monetary damages that are awarded in some special cases, were the court feels that the defendant needs to be awarded with an extra punishment. These are usually awarded on top of the damages that are awarded as a compensation for the victims. These damages are meant as a punishment for the guilty party and hence the name, “punitive” damages.

What are punitive damages?

It has already been mentioned that punitive damages are meant as a punishment for the defendants. These damages are awarded to deter any future wrongdoers. It is not meant to compensate for the losses suffered by the victim. Determining the punitive damages in a case is a difficult process. In most cases, the determination of such punitive damages has lead to widespread discontent.

There are some basic concepts that the court keeps in mind before deciding upon the punitive damages that are to be awarded in a particular case. Here are some points that the courts use in order to determine the amount that the defendants are required to pay as punitive damages in a case.

Degree of seriousness of the defendant’s act is one of the most basic criteria for determining the punitive damages that are involved in a case. If a person tries to sell a health supplement that resulted in the patient contracting a deadly disease, then that person would have to pay up a bigger punitive damage than a person who sold a partially repainted car as new.

punishment for the guilty

            defining punitive damages

Another guideline that is usually followed by courts to determine the punitive damages are the ratio to compensatory damages. If the damages that were awarded as compensation for the losses were high enough, then there is a chance that the punitive damages can reach an even higher figure.

The courts will refer to past cases and conducts for calculating a reasonable punitive damage. There will be similar acts and conducts that occurred long ago and the courts can refer to them for comparing the present case that they are working on. By comparing past cases and conducts, the court will be able to reach a decision regarding the punitive damages.

So, if anyone was to ask you, “what are punitive damages?”, I am sure that you will have a good answer to come up with. These points on punitive damages will help you in understanding about a complex part of the legal system in our country.

Writing A Police Report On Battery

Battery legal definition

Legal definition of battery

It is the job of a law enforcement officer to write reports for the various cases he investigates. These incidents can be battery, assault, etc and will require the officer to write a detailed report regarding the incident.

The battery legal definition makes it very clear that the crime of battery is very serious. The punishments given out by the courts in such cases are severe and often, and will result in the defendant getting prison time.

Guidelines to write a police report on battery

  • Firstly, you will have to provide the response time and location. Mention the reason why you went to the scene of action. This reason can be anything from being dispatched there to being the observer of a suspicious incident. Indicate the time the complaint initiated, as well as time of arrival at the scene of action.
  • Write down the names of all people involved in the incident. Mention the full name, age, birthdates and contact information for the alleged victims, suspects and witnesses. Provide a detailed description of the clothing and appearance of the suspect.

    write a police report

                       battery definition

  • Provide a detailed description of the incident and explain how the battery occurred. Also, give details regarding how you reached your conclusion that it was indeed a case of battery.
  • Write down all the information regarding the statements given by the witnesses of the incident. Provide detailed accounts from every victims and witnesses. When writing down the statements given by the witnesses, make sure that you add details on how they came to be at the scene when the incident happened.
  • Ensure that you add information based on your individual observations of the scene where the alleged crime took place. Make sure that you provide answers to these four questions: how the incident was resolved, why you were there, what were the decisions that you took and the observations that you made.
  • Last but not the least; make sure that you do not make any grammar mistakes in your report. Reading a report with poor grammar always leaves a bad impression about you.
  • Ensure that you write down your full name and your designation at the beginning and end of the report.

The battery legal definition varies from one state to another. However, it is still a serious crime as it involves harming another individual.

Legal Definition Of Battery Explained

Battery legal definition

Legal definition of battery

Battery, in legal terms can be referred to as an intentional and offensive act that a person carries out against another person. It is important to remember that, in the case of battery, there is physical contact involved. Most people often confuse the terms “battery” and “assault”. These are not the same, even though they are used interchangeably outside the context of law. In the case of assault, it is just an attempt to cause harm to another person. However, in the case of battery, there is physical contact involved, and the victim may suffer from bodily injuries.

An example for battery is when a person attacks another person, causing physical injury to him or her. It is to be noted that actual physical contact is not necessary between the two, for it to be classified as battery. If a person was to throw an object from a distance towards another person, with the intention of harming him or injuring him in the process, then such an act will be classified as battery. The battery legal definition might seem complicated, but it is quite easy to understand.

Battery against a police officer

If a person was to commit battery against a police officer, then that act would be classified as aggravated battery. This is considered as a greater crime, and would consequently result in much bigger punishment being handed out than for simple battery. There are other acts of battery that are considered as aggravated battery too, such as battery that causes great physical injury to the victim, battery crimes that involve the use of a weapon, or battery against a child or a woman. Other types of battery are referred to as simple battery.

physical injury

         battery definition explained

Aggravated battery is considered a much more serious offense than simple battery, and will result in the guilty party getting a felony charge, instead of a misdemeanor charge. In the case of aggravated battery, it is possible that the defendant will have to pay a sum of money as fine, and also that he might be imprisoned for more than one year.

These are some of the details that you should be aware of, regarding the battery legal definition. The crimes of battery and assault involve encroachment into the peaceful nature of society, and the courts usually award serious punishment in such cases.